The KAI Corporation started its "leading edge" history in 1908 as a pocket knife manufacturer in Seki, the ancient sword-making capital of Japan. Thesuperior blade performance, derived from 100 years of exacting knife craftsmanship and smithing skills, has allowed them to create kitchen knives that contribute to a more tasteful life. 

The traditions and skills handed down from the sword-smiths of ancient Japan have always been an inspiration and integral part of every KAI product since the company's foundation


Pattern Damascus
Many Shun cutlery lines are characterized by the beautiful Damascus patterning on the blades. To create this style of blade, a cutting core of VG10 is clad on each side with 16 layers of Damascus steel, made up of SUS410 and SUS431 stainless steel. Then the blades are acid etched to reveal the elegant, waved pattern.

In addition to its beauty, the Damascus has several purposes. It protects and supports the extremely hard cutting core. It adds stain resistance, and it helps the blade glide through food even more smoothly. You will find Damascus cladding on knives in our Classic and Premier series. The style of knifemaking in which a hard core is clad with an exterior jacket of another steel is called kasumi in Japanese.


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